Breaking news: Nothing is happening

The point of the news is mostly to scare you into watching more news. Its another Tv show like Malcom in the Middle, but instead, you’re Malcom. That makes no sense, but I wanted to to waste a tiny bit of your life thinking about how that would work.

The news are all owned by the same couple of people and they make financial decisions on what to show. Unless your are disabled or underage, you know this already, probably the disabled know this, so there is really no excuse, and I am sorry for being ablelist and single ling them out. But, I am not so sorry as to remove that from this article.

Look, life is pain. When you’re on the internet on the shady sites you can see gory stuff people love to share around which never makes it to the news. In theory, this is the real news. Gory gifs, shared around from computer to computer – the monkeys at the keyboard laughing and maybe in awe. Its primitive, but at least its not filling your brain with propaganda.

I’m arguing exactly that this is what regular ass TV news is, propaganda. Look, I’m not saying anything new, but I’m also not seeing anyone change anything. People is propaganda’ing.


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