Netflix Actually is a Joke

Staring at the wall is more enriching than watching Netflix.

I use Netflix as an umbrella term for streaming services. These have joined Tick Tock and the rest of social media at turning our lives into a living hell. You are tired. Face it, and go to sleep. Yes, working is all you can do anymore because you got some loan out on something you don’t need, but sleep. Sleep.

But you can’t, its too bitter of a pill to swallow having nothing else happen in your day beyond the repetition of another choreography of work maneuvers. Heya boss, which boot should I lick the left or the right or the sandals today?

Of course you want to go home and feel like a superhero, watch the ol Avengers and identify. But this makes you less of an avenger. Stop it. Put the needle away. Unsuscribe for Netlix and sleep, or stare at a wall. yes the thoughts will be painful, but you’ll have a richer life.

Peace. Or not.

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