Bank’s ‘bleak’ prediction that house prices will fall 18 per cent


Ha-ha. Suck shit greedy landlords. They need to be doing what China is, a policy of ‘houses are here for living, not speculation’. I live in Sydney, I don’t know why actually. It is fucking expensive, I’m in a soviet style one bedroom with my friend we do it eastern bloc style two matresses in one room. The place has a door that sounds like a grenade going off when anyone enters it. It sucks, $350 per week, and that’s considered cheap. Fuck you. People would move into these rooms if they were on fire. Sucked in cunts. If you own a house, fuck you. Fuck you very much. It boggles my mind how you can walk around Sydney and anyone who owns a house can just rent out their rooms and live the life they want. The gap is huge. Just work for 40 years, and have absolutely nothing to show for it. Yeah great idea. Go fuck yourself. Go. Fuck. Your. Self. : ) I’m not doing it.


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